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Credo Interactive Inc.
Based in Vancouver, Credo is a leader in creating innovative content, products and solutions for 3D character animation applications.

Our Products
Life Forms, Credo's flagship product, is a 3D motion creation and editing software program. As a professional animation tool, it currently has wide and diverse applications in entertainment, education, choreography, architecture, and the arts. Life Forms is a key tool in constructing avatars for internet communities and environments. It was used for pre-visualization work in Barb Wire, Batman and Robin, Jurassic Park and Terminator II. Many companies such as, SingleTrac and InterPlay are also using the software for game production of their hit titles.

Our Solutions
Leveraging our roots in award-winning products, Credo also provides customized strategic solutions to create compelling content and technology for applications. Our expertise ranges from consulting to implementation of everything having to do with 3D character animation. This includes 3D virtual environments, characters and avatars, gaming development, wireless communication or anything in between. Credo is active in project consulting, production services, contract software development and technology partnerships.

Our Credo
Our credo is to apply the following 3D's to every project: dedication, diversity and depth to create innovative, market-savvy solutions.

Privacy Policy
All information gathered by Credo Interactive Inc. is used solely for the purpose of enhancing the functionality and level of service we are able to provide our users. Read Credo Interactive's privacy policy.


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