Life Forms Studio™ 5 - Character Animation Software with PowerMoves 1 & 2

Life Forms 5 software is by far the most powerful character-animation package in its price-range. Create your own animations based on default models or edit motion capture or keyframed character animations from almost any source.

Life Forms has advanced importing/exporting capabilities that support interchange with a wide variety of 3D animation and modelling applications including: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Poser, Inspire 3D, ElectricImage, Cinema 4D, BioVision BVH, Acclaim, and Unity3D.

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Animate fight motions, choreograph group animations, bring to life any animal or creature!

Included in Life Forms 5

PowerMoves 1 & 2

Life Forms 5 includes the PowerMoves 1 & 2 CD packed with more than 750 ready-to-use motions including over 150 motion capture files.


And in Addition:

  • Import/Export plug-ins for FBX make Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and many other 3D applications available
  • New optimized default models
  • Batch file converter
  • Enhanced joint-map editor
  • Superior motion capture editing tools
  • Ships with over 750 motion files to get you started!

Animate bipeds, quadrupeds or even sea-brine!

Keyframe your animations in Life Forms or bring in motion-capture data to blend together sequences. Animate any model with a hierarchichal skeleton or hierarchichal segments: bipeds, quadrupeds or even sea brine - whether you're dealing with two, four or multitudes of limbs.

Advanced file-conversion tools

With Life Forms Studio, you're not limited to one application - benefit from the smooth integration into your favorite 3D packages. Use FBX and BVH plug-ins to import and export animation and models from a wide variety of other products, including Maya and 3D Studio Max.The improved Joint Map Editor allows you to assign motion from one motion file to another or from one model to another. The Batch Convertor gives you the capability to convert entire folders of motion files to the format of your choice.

Tons of ready-to-use content

Life Forms Studio includes over 750 motion files – including 150 mocap files – ready to use in Life Forms! And if you're looking for more options, don't forget to check out our entire product line of ready-to-use models, mocap and more.

MeGa MoCap V2 | PowerMoves 1 & 2

Maya 6 LightWave 3D Poser Cinema 4D Electric Image  



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